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After-School Registration form 2023-24

If the schools have an unscheduled early release (i.e. inclement weather), my child will:

Check box that applies

Medical Information

Check all that apply to your child or check "None" for those that don't apply

Does your child have allergies?
Does your child have any of the following:
Does yourc child take any medications?
Does your child have challenges in any of the following areas?

Family Information

Emergency Information

In the case of emergency, please contact the following list

Emergency Contacts/Authorized Pickups

Important Information for you to know

  1. The After-School program at Drop -N-Play is scheduled around the Traditional  Guilford County School System Calendar.  The weekly tuition of $ 60.00, includes all early release days. The weekly tuition is due regardless of the number of days a student attends during the week, and must be paid even when a student is absent the entire week.   Extended All-Day care is available on all teacher work days, and holidays for an additional fee of $20.00 per day, per child for all registered after-school students. Drop-N-Play will not be open on the following holidays:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

  2. After-school program is not available when schools are closed for holidays or inclement weather, however the extended all-day program will be available​

  3. All after-school participants will be given a snack and beverage opon their arrival to the center.

  4. Students will have daily "homework time", not to exceed 1 hour.

  5. Payments are due each Friday prior to the upcoming school week, a $15.00 per week late fee will be charged for payments made after the weekly due date. Parents or guardians may make as many advance weekly payments as they choose. Parents will be denied service if weekly payments are not paid on time. A late fee of $1.00 per minute, per child is charged for each minute a child remains after6:30pm.

  6. Two weeks written notice must be submitted prior to any child’s withdraw from the afterschool program.

Release of liability

Thanks for registering!

I, on behalf of myself, my spouse, and each child designated on the registration form (my “child”), hereby waive and release all rights, causes of action and claims against Drop –N- Play, its Officers, Directors, Agents, and Employees, for any loss, expense, damage or injury suffered by my child during the time my child is visiting Drop –N- Play, including the possible negligence of Drop –N- Play LLC, but excluding gross negligence and intentional misconduct. For good and valuable consideration including but not limited to benefits realized from the utilizing Drop –N- Play as a drop-in center for my child/children for $10.00 and other valuable consideration. I understand that the provision of child care contains risk of injury to persons and damage to property, and that by signing this release I engage Drop –N- Play LLC, to provide temporary childcare for my children at my own risk. I further understand that there is an assumption of risk associated with the use of the center. I have been given an opportunity to inspect the premises of Drop –N- Play LLC, and found that it is safe and satisfactory for my child. I also have been given the opportunity to ask questions and obtain answers to my satisfaction regarding any and all aspects of Drop –N- Play LLC, and this Release. I have received a copy of Drop –N- Play’s

Guidelines. By signing this Release, I have not relied on any promises or statements made by Drop –N- Play LLC, or its employees other than those contained in written information (Guidelines) supplied to me by Drop –N- Play LLC. I understand this Release will be kept on file at Drop -N- Play and will continue in effect for this and any future visits my child may make to Drop -N- Play. I, the undersigned, do hereby state that I have read the above carefully, fully understand the content and consequences of this agreement, and agree to abide by and be bound by the above policies and procedures and release.

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